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About us

Lahme Kommunikation was founded in 2009 by former editor-in-chief and head of international PR, Julia Lahme. The goal was to oppose the quick-and-easy solutions of the global financial crisis, carrying out solid communication and PR work that would not only build stronger brands, but also secure profitable outcomes.
To this day, the goal stands, and we deliver every single day.

Lahme Kommunikation is a family run business.
Many years have passed since Julia worked alone from her kitchen table, and now the organization counts 14 creative communication professionals.

We have simple values. We want to be the best.
That’s why we don’t work with just anybody. We nurture good, healthy client partnerships and take pride in seeing every client as a co-worker, making their everyday tasks easier.

We work for some of Denmark’s biggest as well as smallest brands.
Primarily because we want to deliver results to be proud of, but also because we want to have fun. That’s why we actively seek out creative challenges and value employees who are creative souls outside of their job.

We deliver complex solutions and take pride in making them happen.
That entails knowing how to execute before deciding on a great idea. We thrive in every part of the communication spectre. We specialize in food and lifestyle, but are equally as dedicated to result oriented communication of complex ideas, knowledge, and products and services still unknown.